Why am I here?

We all say the world is the unjust we should do something!

Not everyone will be the protester on the streets or the one lobbying for legislation. Although those are important aspects in struggles for equality, equity, and fighting oppression.  We cannot forget that grassroots efforts are what renders more immediate change for people being oppressed. At least for now, I feel that my position is to interact with and educate people in order to inspire them to act.

There are more people who are uninformed rather than racist, homophobic, transphobic, ect to an extreme degree. The issue is, that these people who are unexposed to those that are different from them, are approached by people who have extreme problematic views. Before being informed they find themselves bombarded with false information and the perpetuation of false narratives. The key to dismantling systemic oppression lies within removing ignorance and fear within your local community. Anyone can be an ally in regards to education. You live and see inappropriate behavior being done, and a protest may not affect how that person feels about POC for example, but you challenging their racist notions through conversation or just simply defending POC that are being harassed may. Seeing people not stand for their rhetoric or behavior will lead to in the very least the desire to hide their view rather than act on them.

What am I asking you to do?

So my point is simply this. You no longer have a reason to hide behind if you claim to be an ally to those that are oppressed. You need not risk your life or be a part of large demonstrations. You could just show up daily by making statements and being EDUCATED on issues. One of the most annoying quality shared by many allies is their ignorance of those they claim to be protecting. Learn about the issues being faced by these people and their perspective. Learn to engage in conversation but not be the center of conversation.



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